Lorena Ramírez-López Full Stack Developer // Media Preservation Specialist


  • Building a Digital Preservation Community in Public Broadcasting: A Case Study of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting’s National Digital Stewardship Residencies: NDSR Symposium, Washington, D.C., April 2017

  • Planning for Preservation in Public Media: An AAPB NDSR Update: Association of Moving Image Archivists Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, November 2016

  • Lighting talk for XFR CollectivePreservation and Archiving Special Interest Group, New York, NY, October 2016

  • Building a Digital Preservation Community in Public Broadcasting: International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives, Washington D.C., September 2016

  • Intro to Film Exhibition: New York Public Library, New York City, NY, Sept. 14, 2019

  • Webrecorder Training: WET, Mexico City, Mexico Feb. 2019, In collaboration with Archivistas en Espanglish and Rhizome/Webrecorder

  • Film Handling XFR in collaboration with Third World News Reel

  • WEB ARCHIVING SIG + A-IT NY USERS GROUP MEETING METRO Web Archiving SIG Meeting, New York City, NY, March 2016

  • Lightning talk for XFR Collective: Code{4}Lib, Philadelphia, PA, March 2016
  • Webinars

    Intro to Command Line

    July 15, 2020 | Association of Moving Image Archivists | Slides
    This webinar will provide a cursory introduction to identification and basic handling of audiovisual assets in their digital forms and managing these digital files in the command line, while answering the questions “What is the command line?,” and “Why is this important to AV archivists?” and “How will this help me in my work?” The webinar will include a tutorial intro to basic command line utilities in order to follow along the demos in using MediaInfo. The webinar will conclude with guidance on error-reading and troubleshooting. Webinar participants will leave with basic skills and understanding to feel confident enough to explore Terminal and start using digital tools such MediaInfo and MD5 checksums.

    I’m giving it all she’s got! Troubleshooting with obsolete hardware in archives and museums

    March 13, 2020 | Open-Source Hardware Summit | Slides | Video Presentation
    Selected as an Ada Lovelace Fellow. As archivists and conservators, we are always trying to make do with what we have available; we adhere to and aim for the highest attainable levels of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance and best digital preservation standards in the face of limited financial, staff, and equipment resources. The workflows and digitization stations we develop are curated to media formats, including analog media such as u-matic, VHS, and DAT. We have been able to develop open source software to help with the digitization and migration process of these formats, but we are facing the problem that these playback decks have become obsolete. Even the contemporary hardware of our workflows have been discontinued. This talk presents a general list of the types of equipment we require in our work and how we troubleshoot issues of obsolescence.

    Whats, Whys, and How Tos of Web Archiving

    April 6, 2017 | National Digital Stewardship Residency | Slides | Video Presentation
    Basic introduction of: what web archiving is 🤔; why we should web archive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯/how to web archive 🤓 in a very DIY/PDA style that’ll include practical methods of making your website more “archive-able” – or not! – and a live demo of webrecorder.io using our very own NDSR website as an example!


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